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Nodemon + Babel + VSCode

I switched to VSCode as my primary editor almost a year ago. One of the primary reasons being that I could never get a Node debugger working quite right in Atom. Once I installed VSCode and figured out Launch Configurations it worked perfectly. Most of the tutorials for setting up node apps for debugging in VSCode either assume you are 1. not using nodemon or 2. not using babel. I use both, and want both to be a part of my workflow in addition to being able to use the built-in debugger.

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Mixing content and data in Hugo

A few months ago I switched this site over to the static-site generator Hugo from a flat-file CMS. It was great. In half a day I had ported my HTML and CSS to a Hugo theme and setup CircleCI to build and publish to S3. I’ve now started using Hugo for other things, which in some ways stretch the limits of what it can do. In one project, the content pages have corresponding data files.

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Marking #micheledoesweb as done

A little over a year ago I started on a personal project to re-familiarize myself with web technologies called #micheledoesweb. I decided to write a backend for an app I’d built during a hackathon using new to me technologies. I blogged about my progress for about a month, then as usual life took over and the blog posts and work stopped. This is the conclusion post to that project and the last in the #micheledoesweb series.

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How I Create Talks

The question of what my process is for creating talks has come up several times recently. There was a time when I would just open keynote and expect my brain to come up with a talk. Some people can do that, and I learned that’s not optimal for me. My process has resulted from trying many different things, some of which resulted in talks that I wasn’t happy with. It’s taken time to get the process right.

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Reviving #micheledoesweb

I started a project earlier this year to re-familiarize myself with web technologies that have come around in the last 2 or so years and to rejuvenate related rusty skills. The beginning was great, I wrote a blog post 5 weeks in a row. My life was pretty quiet at this point. I had finished up travel for the spring, I wasn’t on major projects at work that left me brain-drained at the end of the day, and there were no upcoming conferences I needed to prep for.

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