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Lessons from Managing for the Summer Part 2

Between June and September, I managed my team while my manager was on parental leave. The summer was mostly quiet, until a reorg happened in August. Three weeks before my manager was schedule to return, another org was folded into ours. For my team, this meant getting one new engineer, additional responsibilities, and an additional headcount. This abruptly changed the pace of my work, which in turn led to some additional lessons.

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Lessons from Managing for the Summer Part 1

For 3 months of foggy San Francisco summer, I am filling in for most of my managers duties while he takes paternity leave. This post captures some of the lessons I’ve learned in the past that have been useful so far this summer. Many full time managers I know started out in a situation just like this, and somehow made the jump to management full time. I have technically been a manager before, though since I have decided to focus on becoming a higher level technical contributor.

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