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Marking #micheledoesweb as done

A little over a year ago I started on a personal project to re-familiarize myself with web technologies called #micheledoesweb. I decided to write a backend for an app I’d built during a hackathon using new to me technologies. I blogged about my progress for about a month, then as usual life took over and the blog posts and work stopped. This is the conclusion post to that project and the last in the #micheledoesweb series.

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How I Create Talks

The question of what my process is for creating talks has come up several times recently. There was a time when I would just open keynote and expect my brain to come up with a talk. Some people can do that, and I learned that’s not optimal for me. My process has resulted from trying many different things, some of which resulted in talks that I wasn’t happy with. It’s taken time to get the process right.

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Reviving #micheledoesweb

I started a project earlier this year to re-familiarize myself with web technologies that have come around in the last 2 or so years and to rejuvenate related rusty skills. The beginning was great, I wrote a blog post 5 weeks in a row. My life was pretty quiet at this point. I had finished up travel for the spring, I wasn’t on major projects at work that left me brain-drained at the end of the day, and there were no upcoming conferences I needed to prep for.

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Building APIs in Hapi and Node.js

Controllers This is where it’s going to get interesting. I really liked how Padrino combined routes and logic in the same place, so I attempted to do so with Hapi. After combing through the boilerplate projects, I found the magic to allow me to split up my routes into separate controllers. It’s a simple module.exports = server; in my main index.js file. An interlude on module.exports Admittedly, before I sat down and started working on this test I dug a bit into how Node.

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Building the Skeleton in Hapi

After my last exploration went sour, I decided to do some more up-front research before diving into Hapi.js. In addition to the resources on Hapijs.com, I spent a lot of time googling for best practices. While there are a lot of blog posts and tutorials on using Hapi, there do not appear to be any standards around how applications are organized. The only open source projects related to boilerplates I found had few stars on GitHub and haven’t received updates in the past year.

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