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The Project File Part 2: Schemes and Targets

Welcome to part 2 of my Project file series! Before reading this post, I suggest familiarizing yourself with part 1. Schemes and targets are the building blocks of apps in Xcode. Every app has at least one scheme and one target. Just like everything else in Xcode’s build system, these have representations on disk that are used to keep track of the settings needed to build. Terminology Before digging into some of the details on how schemes and targets work, there are a number of terms that need to be defined.

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Test Logs in Xcode

Apple spent the week of WWDC touting the new testing features in Xcode 7. One thing they failed to mention both this year and last was the persistence of test results to disk. These files and folders are not officially documented, so if you decide to rely on them make sure to check a new version of Xcode doesn’t break anything. This post will be updated to reflect changes as needed.

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The Project File Part 1: Composition

The project file, specifically the project.pbxproj, is the closest thing to taboo we deal with on a regular basis as iOS developers. We tip toe around it, because we don’t want to break it. After all, without this file we can’t compile, and if we can’t compile, we can’t build apps. Object Graph At it’s heart, this file is an object graph. All of these objects correspond with some sort of action you do in Xcode.

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Why your early-stage startup doesn't need a lead engineer

I’ve seen the insides of many companies, and like most engineers am inundated with recruitment emails. One in particular gave me inspiration to explore the needs of early stage companies when it comes to hiring talent. And so Why your early-stage startup doesn’t need a lead engineer was born on Medium.

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My #CHIMEHACK Experience

I was really excited to be involved in Women Who Code’s first Hackathon, as a judge. It was a fantastic 3 days, and I really enjoyed seeing all the teams and what they produced. I was so impacted by that event, that I shared some takeaways, and a challenge on Medium. Head on over and take a look: My #CHIMEHACK Experience on Medium.

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